Here at Deli Kitchen HQ our mission is to Innovate Mealtimes. We start each day with a “What if?” and end with our customer (that’s you!). We asked what if sandwiches could be tastier, healthier, less boring? We asked what if sandwiches could be, well, less bready?! Then we put our inventive, curious and slightly eccentric heads together and came up with a range of tasty, healthy and easy to use flatbreads. Flatbreads with a twist.

Flatbreads that are simple, handy and versatile. Flatbreads you would give to your family. Flatbreads you would share with your friends. Flatbreads you would fill your lunch box with. Flatbreads you would toast for breakfast and flatbreads you would top for tea. So, come on… join us…start your day with a “What if?”, follow your curiosity, and join us in our mission to Innovate Mealtimes!

Why Deli Kitchen?

Deli Kitchen is a family run business that has always looked to innovate mealtimes and to make bread more exciting. From humble beginnings in London where they began making pitta and naan breads, the family were the first to introduce Tortilla wraps to the UK and were first to market with folded flatbreads. It’s safe to say they know a thing or two about bread!

But we’re not stopping there, we have big plans for the future of flatbreads, with a new bakery in Dunstable giving us even more opportunities to innovate your mealtimes!

With passion and commitment! Our bespoke equipment enables us to produce market leading products that will stimulate all of your taste buds.

With team work. All ideas are welcome and whether you’re a master baker or crunch numbers we encourage the whole team to get their creative juices flowing to share ideas with the Deli Kitchen team. Our passionate team of expert bakers then bring these ideas to life as new and exciting breads.

The Skinni Wrap has been specifically designed to minimise the amount of bread needed to wrap a filling. With a standard wrap you always end up with a thick piece of dough that contains no filling and often gets thrown away. At Deli Kitchen we want our customers to enjoy every bite, so we thought about how to remove this and give people a thinner wrap that is easy to fold and is less “doughy”.

We use high protein flour and a mix of high protein pulses and grains to achieve a high protein content that supports you in your training and health requirements.

Try our recipe page on the website, where we offer not only interesting fillings but different ways to use the Skinni Wrap as well.

At Deli Kitchen we always want more, and the Tacotilla was born when we asked ourselves what we wanted from a flatbread, and realised that it was quite a lot of different things! The Tacotilla (a cross between a taco and tortilla) can be used for everything from a traditional taco, to a pizza base, and even a quesadilla.